Food Service Experts

Food Service Experts

Increasing Warehouse and Delivery
Productivity and Profitability

At McMillin Group, our Food Service Experts offer a variety of expertise to businesses in the food industry. Having a Food Expert in your warehouse will help your business operate more efficiently and effectively. This will help with food costs, food delivery, food amount intake, and more. It is our commitment and guarantee to achieve the best warehouse food service management and bulk food storage service possible. Making sure we’re putting the best and safest food options possible in our bodies is very important to us. We ensure that items in your warehouse are not past their expected expiration date and are kept in the proper climate. We take sanitation, health, and stable environment very seriously to ensure the best possible safety and follow today’s regulatory requirements. These warehouses will be monitored for safety and health standards. Our Food Service Experts’ approach to increasing warehouse and delivery productivity, improving processes and route efficiency, and reducing warehouse and delivery labor and operating costs includes:

  • Developing and communicating of productivity goals
    to employees.
  • Implementing best warehouse and food delivery practices.
  • Training of employees to improve competency.
  • Managing of performance to increase productivity.
  • Reducing employee downtime and route inefficiencies.
  • Streamlining of major workflows.
  • Implementing LEAN Warehouse and Delivery Practices.

Whatever food you put into your body, you want to make sure it is healthy—safety is our ultimate goal. Learn more about our Food Service Experts and see what we can do for your business by contacting us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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