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Over $1.15 Billion in Client Savings Achieved

Manufacturing Consultants

The McMillin Group works with clients in a broad range of manufacturing disciplines. Our consulting focuses on improving manufacturing performance, competitiveness and profitability.

Warehouse Consultants

Our consulting focus in working with our warehouse clients concentrates on three areas: increasing warehouse productivity, improving warehouse efficiency and reducing warehouse labor costs.

Pay for Performance Experts

Pay for Performance is an incentive pay system which links compensation to job performance. This pay system is highly effective in motivating employees at every level and across all industry lines.

Lean Manufacturing Experts

Lean Manufacturing is a performance improvement strategy which focuses on meeting exact customer requirements in the shortest timeframe and at the lowest possible cost. Lean accomplishes this objective by removing all waste and non-value adding activities from the manufacturing process.

Food Service Experts

Our consulting focus in working with our food service clients concentrates on three areas: increasing warehouse and delivery productivity, improving warehouse processes and route efficiency and reducing warehouse and delivery labor costs.

Gain Sharing Experts

Gain Sharing is a performance based compensation plan which provides incentive pay to employees for improvements made above current performance levels. Gain Sharing is a very powerful motivator in that the savings achieved by these improvements are often shared equally with employees.

Distribution Consultants

Our consulting focus in working with our distribution clients focuses on three areas: increasing distribution productivity, improving distribution efficiency and reducing distribution labor and operating costs.


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